Every man wants to be healthy and vital. We all want a ‘perfect’ life. A life in ‘balance’. But when is it  ‘perfect’? When we are satisfied? When it is as good as it can be?

Questions such as ‘Is this it?’,  ‘How can I get a better balance between private life and work?’, ‘Am I depressed?’, ‘Do I have a burn-out?’, ‘How do I learn to deal with my fears? ‘Etcetera

In the first session I strive to get the question clear, ‘what is going on?’. I coach and guide you so you can move forward during or after a difficult period.  Most projects are completed within ten sessions.

Depending on the demand, this is done by means of:

  Cognitive behavioral therapy
  Carreer planning

The positive effects for the individual (depending on the coaching question):

  You are (more) aware of limiting beliefs.
  You have self-awareness and a realistic self-image.
  You will learn to think differently about yourself and your surroundings.
  You can focus.
  You go differently with tension, stress and pain.
  You are in your power.
  You have a balanced work-life balance ‘.

Do you have any questions about this you can contact me via the contact form on the website or call me at 06-15 35 55 70.