Why should start on a coaching traject?

Where are you on a personal level at the end of the course (Not all items need to be relevant to your question):

 You are (more) aware of limiting beliefs that have shaped your thoughts and behavior. For example: ‘do not think you’re special’, ‘do not cross your head above the parapet’, ‘ you can’t make mistakes than .. ‘.
 You learn to think differently about yourself and your surroundings by putting alternative thoughts towards the automatic thoughts.
 You can see the consequences of your old behaviors and can start a new level of alternative behavior.
 You can focus.
 You are in your power.
 You can deal differently with tension, stress and pain.
 You have a good ‘work-life balance ‘.

What does it mean to the organization you work for:

 Healthy and vital employees;
 Less (long-term) illness;
 More productive employees with a better focus;
 More effectiveness and less stress.

Why do I do what I do?

I follow my passion to see people grow. To accompany them in their search for space, trust and connection. To look at their beliefs and patterns in order to search and help them find the answers . The fact that I may take a role is significant for me. And every day I am grateful that I do this work!