Some reactions and comments from customers and clients from Aegon Asset Management, AMC, ING Bank and Microsoft :

‘Helle is the mirror that I needed.’

‘Confrontational and respectful.’

‘Inspiring coaching.’

‘After the coaching I have a better understanding of myself.’

‘Helle is an excellent coach and a nice person. Helle has helped to chart patterns in a positive way and to cover. ┬áThe focus is now on solutions that are good for me.’

‘Helle knows very quickly to give direction.’

‘Helle has taught me to see things in a different perspective.’

‘I came to Helle with the need to tackle a number of uncertainties of myself and in order to find the drive to inspire my clients, colleagues and managers and influence them positive. Helle helped me find my beliefs, motives and abilities and together we have very useful discussions and practical exercises. This type of coaching has helped me to look at myself differently and to be more confident in my (working) life!’

‘Helle has a relaxed and natural way of coaching and an extensive arsenal of methods and techniques. This is evident from the questions she poses and the exercises that I have inherited. I always had a good feeling that my agenda was central. A clear pattern in the structure of sessions, from intake to completion. When I took myself too seriously or put the blame on others instead of myself, the no-nonsense approach of Helle helped me to realise this. I am very pleased with the results we have achieved. Thank you, Helle!’

‘In a short time Helle has helped me professionally and enjoyable to take the right steps and learn to use my own power and act. It is about who I am not what I am. Helle, I am very grateful for that.’

‘Her friendly but confrontational style works very well for me and I therefore recommend Helle warmly as a personal coach.’

‘The power of Helle is the peace she exudes and the sense of confidence that she gives you. She knew very quickly to give direction to the issues to be addressed and how I had to get started. She understands you. It feels good. The assignments I had to do fitted well with the process I went through, and at the same time I got the opportunity to use my own interpretation of it. Each session formed itself and was not rigidly controlled. Helle feels very well which topics are completed and which topic needs to be caught by. Until the circle is complete.’

‘Our discussions helped me to take the first step towards this whole new life. I’ve a strong foundation I can build on. Thank you Helle, for your coaching and nice conversations.’

‘I learned a lot in the recent months. Helle has accompanied me in a nice way. The support, advice, positive feedback and personal compliments of Helle have strengthened me to get started with my challenges.’