My motto is “The employees are the capital of the organization.” Worth the investment!

Every organization wants to be healthy and vital; full of life, confidence, enthusiasm and results. An organization with satisfied employees who are good in their place, (dare to) have a clear mission and know what they want. Employees who on one hand are result- and action oriented but also radiate tranquility. However, it is an art to hold a business and keep its employees healthy. However, with the right policy you can prevent many problems like illness (depression and burnout) and dissatisfaction. But how?

I can help you. I am specialized in coaching and supporting employees in order to make them aware of their behavior and to offer them tools to stand stable in difficult and stressful situations. The form is customized and tailor-made (to demand). Most projects are completed within ten sessions. Depending on the demand, this is done by means of:

 Cognitive behavioral therapy
 Carreer coaching

The positive effects for the individual (depending on the coaching question):

 You are (more) aware of limiting beliefs.
 You have self-awareness and a realistic self-image.
 You have learned to think differently about yourself and your surroundings.
 You are focused.
 You are in your power.
 You have a good work-life balance .

The positive effects for the organization (depending on the coaching question):

 Mentally healthy and vital employees who act consciously.
 Less (long-term) default.
 More productivity through better focus and decision of the individual.
 More effective by a good `work-life balance`.

For more information and advice you can contact me via the contact form or call me at 06-15 35 55 70.