In coaching I focus on self-analysis, self-reflection and personal performance at work and/or the personal situation of the employee. The sessions are focused on raising awareness to make choices and develop effective behavior. Questions such as ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where am I going?’ and  ‘where do I want to go?’ are often asked. I help the employee find the answer to these questions. My belief is that each person intuitively knows what the right course is. Sometimes you are unaware of this. I help you in the process to resume the course and give you tools that can help you. I bring structure to the wishes, hopes and ambitions and thereby create clarity and direction. Together we look at his skills and learning objectives. The employee learns to recognize these and explore what else is possible, how, when and with whom?

Coaching can be about business questions as:

 Starting a new job – inside or outside the company
 Getting back to work after being absent
 Dealing with stressful situations
 Strengthening self-confidence
 Dealing with conflicts

Coaching Pathways can be about the personal quest as:

 Dealing with setbacks
 Better stand up for yourself
 The setting of boundaries / priorities
 Time management

For more information and advice you can contact me via the contact form or call me at 06 15 35 55 70.