To support the face-to-face contact I often recommend e-coaching.

Research have shown great effect of writing therapy. An important advantage is that the writing itself has a healing effect and gives lots of answers.

In addition, the employee can “work” when it is convinient. The employee have plenty of time to think about the issue we have discussed and the instruction I have given.

How does it work?

In advance I give a clear instruction. The employee respond by email. An example of an instruction could be:

Describe a situation at work where you are stressed.

The goal of this instruction is to be aware and conscious of what is going on. You has to search for the answers to questions such as: What is happening?, What do I do?, What do I feel?, How do I respond? How do others react to me? This can give much insight of your situation and it is a good preparation for the next face-to-face contact.