My method is personal and tailor-made. The route can be practical, short-term and solution-oriented (coaching) and can also focus on deeper causes and recurrent patterns (psychotherapy).
I work with various methods such as coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy or a combination of the two. I always match to the demand.
We start with an interview, which lasts approximately one and a half hour. It is important to check if/ensure that there is good chemistry between us. Is there confidence to work well together? The aim is an open and safe working environment. An environment where you can feel understood and through our conversations develop hope and confidence that you can come back to sail your own race again.
The goal is to get the problem clear and to define the essential question. We discuss where you are, where you want to go and what you have done so far.
The ultimate goal of the process is that you get your own course rediscovered and handles which can help you.